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Panckoucke, Charles Joseph – 334


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  • Description: Tableau Encyclopedique et Méthodique; Histoire Naturelle, vers Testaces a Coquille Bivalve reguliere
  • Author: Charles Joseph Panckoucke; Henri Agasse
  • Date: 1781-1832
  • Condition of Plate: Overall excellent.
  • Condition of Work: Overall excellent.
  • Paper Size: 8 3/4″ by 11 1/4″
  • Image Size: 7″ by 10 1/8″

Panckoucke’s Tableau Encyclopedique et Méthodique; Histoire Naturelle

These beautiful, later professionally hand-colored prints are from Tableau Encyclopedique et Méthodique; Histoire Naturelle published in Paris. Benard engraved the majority of the plates from this work with help from a few other engravers including H. J. Redoute, G. J. Favanne, & Marechal. This series of volumes concerning Natural History was offered as a bonus to the subscribers of the approximately 166-volume series Encyclopedique et Méthodique par ordre des matières in which Charles Joseph Panckoucke followed by Henri Agasse, his son-in-law, and later Pancoucke’s daughter revised and expanded Diderot’s formerly published Encyclopedie. In addition to documenting natural history and recording many new species and ideologies concerning evolution Encyclopedique et Méthodique also explored medicine, agriculture, geography, antiquities, theology, philosophy, law, finance, marine, etc. Publishing began on the gargantuan project in 1781 by Panckoucke and was not completed until 1832 by his daughter.

They are on fine laid paper which measures 8 3/4″ by 11 1/4″ (fold-outs are 16 1/4″ by 11 1/4″).

Dimensions 7 × 10.125 in


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