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  • Description: Essais de differentes Frises ou peintures qui se trouvene dans les souterrains des anciens Etrusques pres de Corneto
  • Date: 1784
  • Condition of Plate: Overall Excellent.
  • Condition of Work: Overall Excellent. Most of the plates have pleasant, light toning around the edges as well as some light foxing that can matted out of view.
  • Paper Size: 22″ by 15.75″
  • Image Size: 11″ by 14″

Francesco Piranesi’s Raccolta de Tempi Antichi 1780

These prints are a mixture of work by Giovanni Piranesi, and his son, Francesco Piranesi. Francesco’s work is believed to be from Raccolta de Tempi Antichi, published in 1780. When we purchased this collection from Swann Galleries, it was bound with volumes of G. Piranesi’s Le Antichita Romane. Due to limited sources on Francesco’s work we are unable to determine many details of Raccolta de Tempi Antichi. Francesco Piranesi’s name is engraved at the lower right of most images.

Fine engravings from Giovanni Piranesi make up the remainder of this collection. These are from the 1810 French edition of La Antichita Romane. For more detailed information on that work, please see the description in its 1784 edition category.

Dimensions 22 × 15.75 in


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