We are experts in providing custom art, design, printing, and framing solutions. That is why, in addition to our inventory, we offer an array of services, including business art leasing and rentals. Many of them are available to our international customers as well. In fact, if you’re visiting and don’t want to bother traveling with a piece from our gallery, we’ll pack and ship it so it’s waiting for you when you get back. You don’t even have to worry about framed glass breaking during shipping because we use acrylic instead.

If you have only an idea to work with or need a solution not listed here, just ask. We love turning your idea into a design that works perfectly in your home, office, or establishment.

The following services are the most basic. But if you have a special request or an idea, just let us know. We have a solution for everything, even if that means directing you somewhere else. Our customer list includes everyone from private individuals and small businesses to galleries and hospitals. There is nothing we can’t tackle!

If you’re looking for other types of art fulfillment, check out our sister company at Damico Frame & Art Gallery.

Custom Framing

When it comes to custom picture frames, we can handle it all. That includes our rare prints, vintage maps, and original documents from our gallery, as well as business art and personal items you need framed. Whether you need a photo frame, picture frame, or even canvas prints, we’ve got it covered. There are so many custom framing choices that it usually better to come look through them. We have something for every budget and taste.

While we can make recommendations over the phone, we prefer working directly with our customers so there are no surprises in the end. But we can always communicate online by sharing images or even a webcam. We also have knack for interpreting your framing needs and wants. So, if you just have an idea, a photo, piece or art, or some artifact that needs preserving, don’t be concerned with where to start. We’ve got the solution! Call us at 615-472-1980.

Museum Grade Materials

As curators, we are professionally trained to handle and preserve valuable artifacts. We treat every print, map, document, photo, and artwork with the same care. Since preservation is our priority, we only use museum grade materials. For example, we offer museum glass that prevents sun damage and reflections, as well as enhances color. But our traditional glass is also chosen for its preservation quality. Even our frames and mats are museum grade. We are pros at helping you figure out what is best for your situation.

Business Art / Art Rental for Home Staging

We provide custom art, design, printing, and framing solutions. Whether you need art for home staging, represent a small business, corporation, or industry, we offer business art rental services for every situation. Our selection of original maps and vintage prints are very different from what traditional art dealers offer. And we can handle the entire process, from curating and design to framing and installation. Call for pricing today for at 615-472-1980.

Leasing business art from us allows you to display beautiful pieces at a fraction of the cost of purchasing. In a business environment, it also gives you the freedom to regularly change out the artwork without having to worry about storage and other basic logistics. And depending on your company, the cost of business art leasing is often considered an operating expense.

Since we provide business art solutions, we can meet your needs at every level and situation. From a private home and single office to an entire building, complex, or even international properties. You can direct the process or let us handle it all. Your level of involvement is completely up to you. We can even work with your real estate broker or design team to find the best solutions for curating and installing your business art needs.

Call for pricing today for at 615-472-1980.


Busy schedules and distance often prevent our local customers from picking up their pieces when they are ready. Then there are those pieces that are just too large to move in a car. These are just some of the reasons we offer delivery services for our local customers.

Call for pricing at 615-472-1980. It is based on what is being delivered and how far we need to travel.

Packing & Shipping

Whether you’re visiting Music City or ordering from abroad, we can pack and ship your artifacts to just about anywhere in the world. To prevent damage, we always use acrylic when shipping. That way you never need to worry about broken glass. In fact, we package the entire piece with the worst-case-scenarios in mind.

Call for pricing at 615-472-1980. It varies according to size, weight, and your location.

Picture Hanging & Installations

Whether it’s for home, office, or a commercial setting, there are a lot of variables to consider when it comes to hanging artifacts, artwork, and photography. The weight, shape, and size matter. And there’s also the issue of where best to hang something or group images on a wall. And how many times have you backed away from hanging pictures and held your breath because you knew it might fall off the wall?

When you hired a picture hanging professional, you can rest assured that your prints, maps, and art will be hung securely and properly. Hiring a professional to hang your pieces will also save you a smashed finger, stress, and grief.

We have done art installations in every setting, including private homes, as well as business art in hospitals, galleries, hotels, commercial, and more.

Call us today for an estimate at 615-472-1980.


Do you have an original document you would like to preserve as a digital file? Perhaps you want to preserve an old photo or an original map. At Rare Prints Gallery, we offer comprehensive scanning services. We have more than 50 years of combined experience in editing and color correction. As technology grows, we grow with it. Scanning documents and photography is such a large part of our business, that we literally have people devoted to it full time.

We are true experts at scanning and editing who are involved in a never-ending process of upgrades and efficiency. What’s more, we take the time to read, research, and even develop our own techniques that vary according to the document, photo, artwork, etc.

In fact, we scan original documents and the like so often that the editing process naturally improves our understanding and intuition of how to achieve a given objective in imaging. It’s more than a standard set of adjustments. It actually is something completely different from what our competitors offer. So much so, that they can’t compete with us when it comes to scanning and editing images.

Sure, we definitely have some overlap in with competitors when it comes to products, services, and production methods. But it’s our comprehensive understanding of all the moving parts and pieces -combined with our unparalleled know-how – that separates us from the rest.

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Just about anything we have in stock can be reproduced. That involves a process of digitally scanning an image and then reprinting it with one of the best printers on the planet. This includes original documents, original maps, vintage prints, and more. If one of our pieces is beyond your budget, just ask us about creating a reproduction. In fact, this goes any other project need you have, including photography, artwork, and even business art.

We can handle every project of every size. Our customers range from private individuals to large corporations. All projects are handled with the same care and even the same pricing. We have spent years maintaining the most popular kinds of papers and canvas products in stock. In fact, we only use products that meet very strict criteria for archiving and consistency. We are also pros at finding that sweet-spot between high quality and acceptable pricing.

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Shadow Boxes

Do you have some memorabilia you would like to preserve? Consider this: a vintage map of Tennessee during the Civil War, a family photo of a soldier who fought then, a vintage gun handed down for generations, and an old bullet all encased beautifully in a custom-made box. We have made custom shadow boxes for just about anything you can imagine.

We also create custom printed mats to feature what’s important to you. One family wanted to honor their father who fought in the Korean war. So we included awards he was given, military photos with him and fellow soldiers, and more, then printed a map of Korea on the mat that framed all the photos. Then we encased it all in a custom-made shadow box.

Do you have an idea but you’re not sure how it should look or what to include? Just ask! We provide custom art, framing, printing, and design solutions every day. And we’re very good at it, too!

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