Though we specialize in original prints, archival reproductions are a phenomenal alternative. Not only are you getting a rare image at a reduced price, but you also have the capabilities to edit the piece to your specifications. Our cutting edge scanner uses the finest of German optics. Sounds fancy right? The difference is in the focus which allows the Versascan a whopping optical scan resolution of 600 ppi over the entire scanning range at 48-bit color depth. That’s twice what the competition is capable of. The possibilities are endless with our high-end equipment. Check out some of our capabilities below!


There are so many perks to reproducing etchings. Since we are working with lines and not pixels, we can reproduce images at any size!

Framed archival reproduction and print from the original Buffon 1770 series



Coloring: We can create highly edited versions of our prints as well!

William Curtis “The Botanical Magazine” c.1805
Edited Archival Reproduction



We only include products that meet very strict criteria for archiving and consistency. We can print on any of the following materials:

  • Matte Canvas = Durable, low weave texture, heavy, archival, high-quality cotton fine art canvas, includes satin UV coating.
  • Matte Fine Art Paper – Hot Press Rag Paper = Heavy cotton fine art paper, super smooth, velvety rich colors, ideal for almost anything.
  • Matte Textured Fine Art – Cold Press Paper = Heavy cotton blended textured fine art paper, ideal for watercolors but can be used for many other applications.
  • Gloss Metallic Paper = metallic iridescent quality.
  • Matte Polyester Canvas = Durable, lightweight, high-quality polyester fine art canvas, includes satin UV coating.
  • Matte Premium Paper = lighter weight than our max quality materials, brilliant white, and archival.
  • Satin Medium Luster Paper = standard photo paper, medium satin finish, slight tooth.
  • Gloss Paper = standard photo paper, very smooth, high gloss.
  • Wall Paper and Mural Paper = Dry hung, perfect for large scale printing on walls, dimensionally stable, matte material, durable, safe for public areas, safe to touch, easy to clean, includes rugged satin UV coating (does not include installation).
  • Semi-Permanent Removable Wallpaper and Mural Paper = perfect for large-scale printing on walls or things you need to remove, easy to remove, won’t damage walls, won’t come off until you take it off, matte textile texture.

The sky’s the limit with our reproductions! Email or give us a call at 615-472-1980 for any questions or if you have an idea you want to see come to life!


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