The framing of an artwork can be an intimidating subject.  Here at Rare Prints, we have seen or created almost any type of frame to make sure an artwork reaches its full potential. When the sky is the limit, framing can be a little more intimidating. Everyone wants the best concept for their particular artwork. Here are some tips to make your framing unique and catch the eye without overpowering an artwork.


Mounted behind matboard
Top Mounted

The way artwork is mounted within the frame can completely change the piece. There are two main options, you can mount the piece behind a matboard or “top mount.” With prints, some would rather see the age of their piece. Showing the edges of the artwork can make the artwork look more aged and authentic. Some also prefer the piece to look like it is “floating.”

Regular Top Mount
Floated Top Mount





Another addition one can make when framing is a “floated Top Mount.” This is when we raise your piece to make it look like it is floating in front of the matboard. This is a really great way to make your framing different without overpowering the artwork.




Double Glass

Double Glass Front
Double Glass Back

Having glazing on the front and back of your artwork is a great option for a piece that has something interesting on the back of the piece. Some artworks, especially prints, can have just as much information or imagery on the back as well as the front. This is a great option to make your piece stand out. You can even take the artwork off the wall and show off whatever may be on the back.




The “Black Velvet” Trick

Velvet can seem like a dated approach to framing, but black velvet is actually a very useful material. When using black velvet behind a piece, the background will disappear. It is the “truest black” one can achieve in framing. Pairing this with non-reflective museum glass will make the artwork catch the eye of anyone passing.





A frame can make or break the display of a piece. From mini prints measuring 4 inches tall and wide to an authentic 1862 civil war gun, we can do it all. For more questions on different framing approaches, please email or call us at 615-472-1980.

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